Cascades Gardens and Nursery now Closed until March 1st 2021

The Garden open everyday to the public from 1st March to 30th September, 10am until 5:00pm. Last entry 4pm. Group visits also welcome. Talks and Workshops given. Adults: £7.00 / Season Tickets: £18.00. Children (under 15): £3, under 5 free. Dogs on a lead are welcome.

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 Cascades Gardens, a garden for Meditation and Wellbeing. A garden to visit in Matlock, Derbyshire and Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

Cascades Gardens, a garden for meditation and wellbeing, is a garden to visit in Matlock, Derbyshire with unique and charming B&B accommodation near Chatsworth.

Cascades Gardens is a very beautiful and natural 4 acre public garden. Listed by the Daily Mail as one of Britains most inspiring Spring gardens it is designed around a spectacular landscape with a ruined corn mill, old quarry, canal, cliff and stream. Every season brings new surprises with hellebores, unusual perennial flowers, trees, shrubs and conifers. Inspired by Japanese gardens and Buddhist philosophy Cascades Gardens is a celebration of Nature a  perfect place to find peace of mind, to relax and reflect.

Refreshments are available. A wide range of plants are available in our nursery.

If you are interested in gardening for wellbeing see my blog.

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Stylish Bed and Breakfast ideal for Leisure breaks in Derbyshire

The Cascades, our bed and breakfast in Matlock, Derbyshire, is quietly located, elegant and distinctive, with a wealth of special features from the owners travels to Tibet, India, China and Tanzania. Ideal for a relaxing Derbyshire leisure break, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Peak District and the historic Chatsworth House while you stay in our charming and comfortable bed and breakfast in Derbyshire.

Our well appointed rooms all have seperate luxury bathrooms (the Garden Suite has a spa bath for two!) and are extremely comfortable with everything you could wish for. Telephone us now to book for a great relaxing holiday in the Derbyshire countryside.

Cascades Gardens’ secluded and quiet location, comfortable furnishings and warm welcome make it perfect for honeymoons or romantic breaks in Derbyshire.

Our family run B&B is located in the village of Bonsall, just outside Matlock close to Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. The house, which dates back to 1823 is full of character, and our fascinating 4 acre public garden make us truly unique Peak District Accommodation.


Gardening for Mindfulness and Wellbeing

It seems that everyone is talking about mindfulness and wellbeing these days. Not surprising after 10 years of austerity. Perhaps it is a good sign that people want to put it all behind them and be more positive.
One definition given for wellbeing is “the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity. It includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, and a sense of meaning or purpose.” Issues that affect us all.

It is sad that depression and stress seems to figure so largely in today’s society. Mental health has also been talked about much more lately with the return of our soldiers from places like Iraq and Syria. Perhaps with the general outcry for better social care we will start taking it all more seriously. I was surprised to be introduced recently to the Buddhist Chaplain of the armed forces and am also impressed with the way that some Tibetan Buddhist centres are developing outreach centres such as Karma Dzong in Bermondsey and Yorkshire. These are branches of Samye Ling monastery in Scotland where I attended meditation training many years ago and seem to be leading the way. They offer help to people on a much wider range of personal well-being issues in conjunction with local Councils, not just spiritual development.

One thing that sticks in my mind is the way that His Holiness the Dalai Lama always seems so positive, down to earth, and at times bubbles with joy. Not bad, for an 84 year old man who has witnessed the death of more than a million of his people since the invasion of Tibet by China in 1959. In my first meeting with him in 1992 he stressed that to be happy we need peace of mind and to achieve that, meditation was helpful. I believe he has meditated on positive and happy subjects daily since he was a child.

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Cascades Gardens, Derbyshire – a haven of peace

I bought the Cascades house and the surrounding land in 1996. The idea for the garden began that summer when I visited Eheiji a Zen Buddhist monastery (Temple of Eternal Peace) in the western Alps of Japan. I was only allowed to stay there by agreeing to follow the practices of a Zen priest and found myself in meditation sessions at 4 am daily and in other rituals. Importantly, I was able to view the formal monastery gardens set in woodland. It was a deeply spiritual place. On the way back, down to Kyoto, I visited Daitoku-ji monastery and had green tea with the Abbot. I sat by the famous garden of the sub temple Daisen In. I was greatly inspired by its rocks, representing mountains and raked sand – a river. I always felt that the Cascades had the potential to have the natural calmness and spirituality of these Japanese gardens and in 2015 the new conifer rockery was created with a raked gravel path and rocks rising up to the natural cliff. Continue reading

Cascades Gardens inspired by Japanese Meditation Gardens

Japanese Gardens for Meditation

In the Summer of 1996 in the same year that I bought The Cascades, I visited Kyoto, Japan. I wanted to re-visit one of the most famous and inspiring gardens The Daisen In, at Daitoku-ji Monastery. I arranged to sit with the Abbot at 8.30am to have a tea ceremony and discussion with him on the meditation platform beside the garden. I admired the miniature garden of rocks, raked gravel and miniature trees representing a mountain valley and river going under a stone bridge and was inspired. I was fascinated and my spirit uplifted by the peaceful representation of a mountain valley.

The aim of a Japanese gardens for meditation is typically to create a representation of nature in which human involvement is concealed and the garden at Daisen In was a superb example.

Cascades Gardens already has a beautiful natural setting of cliffs, stream, waterfalls and woodland. We don’t have to invent nature but try to manage and enhance it. The garden is designed to blend into the natural landscape.

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Hellebore Fortnight
1st – 14th March

Hellebores Gallery 8
    • See our Hellebore collection in flower in the garden. 
  • Hellebores for sale in the nursery.

Garden Workshop Calendar

1. Gardening with Nature- a garden for peace and reflection.


2. Planting in moisture and semi shade conditions.