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Cascades Gardens, Derbyshire – a haven of peace

I bought the Cascades house and the surrounding land in 1996. The idea for the garden began that summer when I visited Eheiji a Zen Buddhist monastery (Temple of Eternal Peace) in the western Alps of Japan. I was only allowed to stay there by agreeing to follow the practices...

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Cascades Gardens inspired by Japanese Gardens

In the Summer of 1996 in the same year that I bought The Cascades, I visited Kyoto, Japan. I wanted to re-visit one of the most famous and inspiring gardens The Daisen In, at Daitoku-ji Monastery. I arranged to sit with the Abbot at 8.30am to have a tea ceremony...

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Conifer collection at Cascades Gardens

Cascades Gardens has seen a lot of changes over last autumn and winter.Inspired by Adrian Blooms book “Gardening with Conifers” and the birth of my daughter Sophia in November 2015, I have created two conifer beds on the side of the rocks in the first part of the garden.I have...

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Snow In January 2015

January has been unusually cold and snowy this January. Thank goodness The Cascades guest rooms are warm and comfortable. We have had a few inches of snow in the court yard and garden most of the month and the boy’s snowman has only just disappeared in the first week of...

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Great Progress In 2014

Cascades Gardens may date back to 1750 but the 4 acre garden as it now stands started it’s creation in 1996. It has gone through many phases of clearing, landscaping and planting since then and a huge number of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers have been collected and planted. Opening...

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