History of The Cascades House and Garden

  • Originally this piece of land was called Coopers Croft and was within the Manor of Bonsall. It was purchased by Francis Clay in 1791.
  • Nethergreen House (next door to The Cascades) was built in 1795.  A corn mill was also built adjoining Nethergreen House on the site that is now The Cascades. Robert Clay his son took over the mill in 1827 and was recorded as a Miller in the 1841 census. By 1861 however the mill was being run by John Broxup Coates who was living at Nethergreen House as a tenant to Robert Clay. Robert Clay died in 1874 and in 1875 the contents of the mill including the 26 foot diameter water wheel were sold at auction. John Broxup Coates by now had moved out of Nethergreen House and in 1885 he went Bankcrupt.
  • By 1887 The Cascades House had been built on the site of the dismantled corn mill adjoining Nethergreen House. Both houses and the land was bought by Aaron Ridgard for about £600 in 1891.The Cascades was sold separately from this time to a series of owners and for the time was a relatively grand house with servants. There were servants’ bedrooms on the top floor and Victorian kitchens in the cellar. There is no sign that there was ever a proper garden attached to the house. Photographs from 40years ago show the land to be completely wild.
  • Alan Clements bought the house with two acres of land in 1996. The house needed a new roof, plumbing and electrical refurbishment. The garden was a jungle with Hogweed, Stinging Nettles, old Elderberry trees, Brambles and other fallen trees and branches. A further 2 acres was purchased soon afterwards including the cliff and woodland. A lead mine entrance was found on the land, apparently from the mid 18th century that goes 5o metres into the cliff. An Ordinance Survey map of 1890 shows a vertical mine shaft on the hillside nearby.
  • Creating Cascades Gardens has been a massive challenge and has taken twenty years.

If you are interested in how I became in gardening for wellbeing and developed Cascades into a garden for meditation then why not visit my blog site Garden for Wellbeing.

HIstoric Painting of Cascades
Cascades, as the house is today.

Gallery showing Cascades Gardens at least 40 years ago