Cascades Gardens inspired by Japanese Meditation Gardens

Japanese Gardens for Meditation

In the Summer of 1996 in the same year that I bought The Cascades, I visited Kyoto, Japan. I wanted to re-visit one of the most famous and inspiring gardens The Daisen In, at Daitoku-ji Monastery. I arranged to sit with the Abbot at 8.30am to have a tea ceremony and discussion with him on the meditation platform beside the garden. I admired the miniature garden of rocks, raked gravel and miniature trees representing a mountain valley and river going under a stone bridge and was inspired. I was fascinated and my spirit uplifted by the peaceful representation of a mountain valley.

The aim of a Japanese gardens for meditation is typically to create a representation of nature in which human involvement is concealed and the garden at Daisen In was a superb example.

Cascades Gardens already has a beautiful natural setting of cliffs, stream, waterfalls and woodland. We don’t have to invent nature but try to manage and enhance it. The garden is designed to blend into the natural landscape.

  • An extensive rockery with a collection of over 80 dwarf conifers.
  • Alpine plants that cascade over the old 18th century stone walls and base of the 80ft cliff.
  • A wide range of shade-loving ferns and plants, and stumpery in the woodland.
  • Double Hellebores and Hostas that love the moist lime soil and semi-shade
  • An extensive 50 metre perennial border alongside the canal.

The new Conifer rockeryAt every turn of the 4 four acres there are seats to enjoy each “garden room”. Places to immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of Nature. A chance to enjoy a natural garden inspired by the Japanese passion for harmony with the world of Nature.

The new conifer rockery blends into the natural rocks at the side of the garden, displaying a wide range of dwarf conifers, grasses, and heuchera

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