Conifer Rockery

Inspired by Alan Bloom’s Conifer Garden, Foggy Bottom at Bressingham We decided to use the wide range of dwarf conifers now available to develop a new rockery embracing the natural rock-face we have at Cascades. The Rockery is extensive and includes more than 100 Conifers, Grasses and Heuchera. Most are labelled. It includes a great range and variety, some of which are quite rare. Close by is our Hebe border.

  • As you approach the Conifer rockery the statue of Baccus the Greek God of wine dominates the view. At ground level a small sign tells you that the border was created in November 2015 to commemorate the birth of the owners Daughter Sophia.
  • The conifer border is set into the natural rock face on the right hand side of the garden and appears to be part of it. You are met with a large collection of young and dwarf Conifers, starting with the conical bronze Thuga Occidentalis Rheingold and the spreading form of Juniperus Squamater Blue Star. The intriguing Japanese Cryptomeria Tilford Gold and Mushroom take centre stage. Along the front, the Conifers are under planted with winter flowering Heathers and grasses.
  • Like a river flowing through a gorge, the shingle path winds along the rock face planted with Juniper Horizontalis Variegata flecked with cream splashes. Two Juniper Scopularum Blue Arrow line the other side of the path. Thuga Plicata Whipcord is a fascinating variety of the Conifer family creates an interest, quite unlike the others. Here, Huecherella Art Nouveau and Hebe Golden Nugget also provide contrast. Do not miss the small tree Ginko Biloba Troll never becoming more than 2ft high as the path touches the lawn.
  • Rare plants in the front of the second part of the rockery backed by a large statue of Buddha include the tiny specimen of Abies Koreana Oberon only 60cm after 10 years and the dramatic Cephalotaxa Harringtonia Korean Gold with striking large, yellow tipped yew like leaves.

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