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Talks can be given on the following topics

  1. Cascades Gardens: From Jungle to Paradise
  2. Gardening with Nature. How to create a peaceful garden in which to relax and reflect.

Alan Clements, the owner of Cascades Gardens has been gardening for over 50 years and has developed Cascades Gardens over the last 20 years based on the industrial landscaping created in the 1750s to feed water to the now ruined corn mill.

He is available to deliver a 45 minute talk (or longer) on the history of the garden “From Jungle to Paradise” with a wide range of pictures of its development and current array of flowers, shrubs and trees.

Cascades Gardens has an extensive collection of herbaceous perennials, a good display of roses and single and double hellebores. The garden has a wide range of growing conditions and is based on lime soil it is at 800ft which gives a number of challenges to the gardener and a continual succession of plants and shrubs are grown in the nursery to replenish the plants that do not survive that harsh winters.

Alan had a range of influences in creating the garden which included Hidcote Manor gardens, Bressingham 5 acre Dell garden, Daisen Inn monastery garden (Kyoto, Japan) and Christopher Lloyd’s Great Dixter. All of which are discussed in his presentation.

One other follow up talk “Gardening with Nature” is offered. This includes Alan’s recognition that Gardening is a much deeper activity and can provide a private place to reflect and find peace. The talk shows his pictures of visits to Japanese gardens and tries to explain their meaning in relation to Zen Buddhism. The ancient art of Feng Shui is explored in relation to Cascades Gardens as well as the principles of Ying and Yang – harmony and balance in relation to gardening and Nature.

Typically the speaker fee for gardening groups of less than 15 people- small group rate of £40 plus £10 local travel expenses.For 20 to 30 people £60 plus travel expenses. If more than 30 will attend my  rate is higher and negotiable. I can bring plants for sale if requested.

To discuss or book a visit telephone Alan on 07967337404 or 01629 822813

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