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Cascades Summer Video

A mid July look at Cascades Gardens. Cliff top view, the japanese pot garden, and flower borders. The cascade flowing into the pond make a soothing sound in front of a statue of the Buddha. The perfect spot to meditate.

Cascades Gardens: A Spiritual Journey

Alan describes how at an early age he became in awe of nature, and describes his travels in India and Tibet. He outlines his search for life’s purpose by a visit to the Dalai Lama. He talks about how gardens can be good for our health and how it teaches us about birth, death and renewal. He describes his visit to Japanese gardens and learning Zen meditation. He finally talks about his own spiritual awakening from discovering the laws of quantum physics.

Celebrating nature, gaining peace of mind

A review of Cascades Garden’s origins. Visiting Japanese gardens and learning meditation. Discovering the importance of Nature which grounds us and gives a sence of harmony and balance. Gardens and gardening can give us peace of mind.

Cascades Gardens April 2020

Alan Clements talks about the development of Cascades Gardens. Starting with a jungle, he outlines the introduction of Perennial flower borders, Hellebores, Conifer rockery and the gardens that inspired him.

Cascades Gardens for Meditation and Wellbeing

Listed by the Daily Mail newspaper in April 2019 as one of their top 10 most inspiring spring gardens in Britain, here is what it looks like in early April 2020. Following heavy rain over the winter, all our waterfalls and strems are in full flow. We’ve had a great helibore season in March, and now the garden is full the yellow blossom of Forsythia and Daffodils. There are great views from the new walkway created last summer on the hillside. Even our cat Jake is enoying the sunshine!

Spiritual garden March 2020 – Inspiration behind Cascades Gardens, Derbyshire, UK

Following a family berevement, Alan meets the Dalai Lama and visits Japanests gardens in Kyoto in a search for meaning and purpose. Following the Zen Buddhist idea of Zazen (just sitting) in nature, he becomes inspired to create his own meditation garden in Bonsall, Matlock, Derbyshire.

BBC Radio Derby interview at Cascades Gardens, Bonsall, Derbyshire

Cascades Gardens is a 4 acre public garden situated in Bonsall, Derbyshire. It is famous for its double hellebores and rare exotic plants of the world. Open between May and September, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 5pm.

Cascades Gardens Luxury B&B in Derbyshire

This is a section from BBC East Midlands Today that was recorded at Cascades Gardens. The section presented by Martin Fish and John Stirland traced the flow of water from pond and stream, and canal and mill race to the ruined corn mill which originated from 1750. They highlighted all the planting opportunities that this gave owners Alan and Elizabeth Clements. Using radio microphones they were also able to simultaneously present from different ends of the garden, including the valley of the garden and along the top of the 80 foot cliff!

Tibetan Monks Dance at Cascades Gardens 2005

This was filmed by BBC East Midlands Today. Tibetan Dances to celebrate the New Year

The Meditation Garden, Bonsall, BBC Radio Derby 2019 Interview with Alan Clements

Alan Clements, owner of The Meditation Garden, part of the stunning Cascades House and Gardens, located in Bonsall, Derbyshire, UK, explains in this short interview with Andy Twigge from BBC Radio Derby, the origins of inspiration for the Meditation Gardens, inspired by a audacious trip to ask the Dalai Lama the meaning of life, and a trip to visit the temple gardens of Japan. You can stay at Cascades in the beautiful house and the Gardens are open to visitors most of the year round.